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Event Posters

"The Shitty Barn" Poster

I've always admired the event posters at The Shitty Barn created by our community of talented artists. So when I had the opportunity to create one of my own, I was ecstatic! 

I got to work designing a poster for the wonderful Marty O'Reilly and Dean Johnson. One thing the two have in common is their mad guitar skills. When listening to their music, it feels lively, wild and free. This got me thinking of flowers and leaves. I decided to combine the guitar with the foliage to bring about a natural, free-spirited feel.

305.24 Promo.jpg

Promotional Square

305.24 Poster Final.jpg

Flannel Fest & Chili Cook-Off

I was inspired by halftones and a minimal color palette, which I achieved using a duotone. I wanted the poster to have a cozy but mature feel as Flannel Fest is a fall event for adults. I also created a new logo for the event host, Holy Hill Art Farm by incorporating a candle, a barn, and wheat.


Logo Designs

Andrew Bird - Outside Problems Tour

I took this poster design a bit more literal by placing actual birds, as Andrew Bird's name suggests, on the strings of the violin. I wanted to use scale contrast to draw the viewer's eyes into the design.


Fleur de Lis Showcase

This event poster was designed for a real client to advertise the Fleur de Lis showcase in Dubuque Iowa. I used fleur-de-lis lilies and icons around the poster as well as delicate linework to make this poster feel elegantly fun.

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